Rotary 14 is ONLINE for health reasons

It's Tuesday, our favorite day of the week because we get to connect with you and with people around the world at our Tuesday Meeting. And today we get to hear and see YOU!

Our meetings are online for the present on the Zoom platform. 

Here is the link for the Rotary 14 meeting. 

For non-Rotarians and guests who only want to watch the meeting, they will continue to use Facebook Live. A reminder that only people in Zoom can participate in Aloha Time. 

NOTE:  A few participation suggestions:

1.     You will be automatically muted when you join the meeting

2.     If President Mailani asks you to make a comment, unmute yourself by clicking (or touching) the microphone icon.

3.     Remember, we can all see you, so try not to disrupt the meeting with the video from your computer or telephone. Please don’t carry your phone around or jiggle your laptop. (you can mute your camera by clicking on the monitor icon).

4.     Use the “Chat” function to ask questions. Click on “Chat” at the bottom of your screen.

Since Rotary 14 is so much more than weekly meetings, the Board also discussed the many service projects Club members undertake. Those projects involving schools have been called off due to restrictions on outside visitors, serving meals at The Gathering Place will be determined by that organization and hosting outstanding high school students will be delayed until the Club meets in person again. The Board has agreed to meet virtually on a weekly basis to determine how to handle scheduled activities in April and May.