Become a Member
Nothing could be easier than joining Lincoln’s Rotary Club 14. Chances are you already know one of around 250 members who are among the leaders in our community. Your membership journey begins with attending a few regular club meetings to decide if Rotary is the right fit for you. If you and your proposer agree, your nomination will be placed before the club for consideration. Next, we’ll welcome you into membership at one of our meetings. We gather every Tuesday at noon at The Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel (333 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE 68508) in the Renaissance Room (2nd floor). As a new member, you’ll be invited to participate in at least four of our NEOS orientation meetings. This gives you a chance to meet other new members and learn about Rotary Club 14. We’ll provide opportunities to participate in club activities including greeting members as they arrive for our meetings, working with one of our committees, and helping coordinate meeting activities.
The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service to others. As a member of Rotary Club 14, you’ll be given many opportunities to participate in one of the club’s local and international service activities including TeamMates, The Gathering Place, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, and dozens more. Once you catch the fever of service as part of Rotary Club 14, a world of opportunity will present itself through our effort to eradicate Polio, support our medical mission in the Dominican Republic, raise funds for a community organization, or even host one of the international students during their time in Lincoln.
Rotary Club 14 is celebrating more than 100 years of service to Lincoln, Nebraska, and the world. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

Getting Started

Rotary Club 14 welcomes new members through a process that begins with a nomination by one of our active club members. Rotary International outlines the qualifications for membership that we follow. A club shall be composed of active members who are adult persons of good character and good business and professional reputation. Typically, you are a person who is in management or a position of authority and has demonstrated a variety of community interests. Retired individuals are also welcome to join Rotary.
Every member of Rotary Club 14 was invited into membership by another Rotarian. Every member should do the same for someone else.

Membership Attendance

Obviously, the best way to get involved in Rotary is to attend meetings, get to know the members, and join a committee or project. Club 14 encourages all Rotarians to maintain their attendance record at 60% (although there is no longer an official attendance requirement). If at times you are unable to attend our regular Tuesday meetings, there are numerous ways you can “makeup” such as:

  • Other club meetings — there are three other clubs in Lincoln – East, South, and Giving Spirits — the time and location of these meetings are listed in the Propeller. Information about when and where Rotary Clubs meet around the world is also available. Other Rotarians have said that attending Rotary meetings during their travels are highlights of their trip. For credit, obtain a makeup card at the meeting and return it to the Club's Administrator. 
  • NEOS meetings, committee meetings, board meetings, or other special events. Committee chairs or meeting hosts are responsible for reporting attendance - make sure they remember to pass around a sign-up sheet.
  • Service projects such as Bell Ringing, Gathering Place, or TeamMates Mentoring. In general, committee chairs are responsible for reporting participation for makeup credit and one makeup is awarded for each hour. TeamMate Mentors must report their time to the Club's Administrator for credit.
  • Electronically through EClub One has articles and a makeup feature that currently attracts Rotarians around the globe. It involves a 30-minute interactive club website activity with an electronic “makeup card” sent to the Club's Administrator.

In general, makeups are good for thirty (30) days before or after the meeting. Special luncheon meetings such as Business Networking Day, Nebraskan of the Year and Salute to Business are “two-fers”, meaning that in addition to counting as a regular meeting, you receive a “makeup” good for 30 days. Furthermore, the board has approved special “bonus” makeups such as attendance at a Rotary District or International Conference, attendance at our annual fundraiser, and “Santa Cause” contributions for missed holiday meetings that are good for any time during the Rotary year.

In spite of all this, situations may still occur that make it difficult to maintain 60% attendance. In accordance with the standard club bylaws of Rotary International, upon written request to the board, a member’s absence shall be excused if:

  1. The absence complies with the conditions and under circumstances approved by the board.  The board may excuse a member’s absence for periods of six weeks up to one year for reasons which it considers to be good and sufficient (excused). Such an absence does not count against the club’s percentage and does not maintain a perfect attendance record.
  2. The age of the member is 65 or above and the aggregate of the member’s years of age and years of membership in one or more clubs is 85 years or more and the member has notified the club secretary in writing of the member’s desire to be excused from attendance and the board has approved (exempt).

In the event that a member whose absences are excused under the provisions above attends a club meeting, the member’s attendance shall be included in the membership figure used to compute this club’s attendance.