Current Club #14 Dues

  • One-Time Initiation Fee $250.00

    This fee is paid only once upon becoming a member of Rotary.

  • Annual Membership Dues $397.00

    Annual Membership Dues $397.00

    The Rotary year is from July 1 - June 30. Your Club #14 dues also include a subscription to The Rotarian magazine, District 5650 dues, and Rotary International dues.

Meal Costs

All prices became effective January 2011 and are subject to change annually. (Regular Members pay a portion of the lunch cost with dues.)

  • Attending the Tuesday Meeting - No Meal

    We call this "just drinking" - you may attend a regular Tuesday Club meeting and help yourself to coffee, iced tea, or water, at no charge.

  • Soup and Salad $8.00

    Enjoy the soup and salad buffet including coffee, iced tea, or water.

  • Full Lunch Buffet $11.00

    Enjoy the full lunch buffet with your choice of salad, soup, vegetable, potato, and hot entree. Meal includes coffee, iced tea, or water.

  • Special Events

    Meal pricing for special events, often held at other locations than the Nebraska Club, will be priced separately and accordingly.

Meal Punch Cards Available
  • Soup & Salad Punch Card (20 punches) $160.00
  • Full Lunch Punch Card (20 punches) $220.00
Rotary Guest & Exempt Member Meal Costs
  • Full Lunch Buffet $15.00
  • Soup and Salad $12.00
  • Attending the Tuesday Meeting - No Meal - $4.00