A Past President Moment

Fellow Rotarians-

It has been twenty years (1994-95) since I was president of Club 14. Today I share with you 4 or 5 items of interest about that year.

1 We began the year meeting at the former NBC building at the top floor 11 Club. Having “lost our lease” on the space and also needing more space, midway through the year we moved to the University Club. That site proved to also lack proper space, so our term there was fairly shortlived.

2 Our major concerns during the year were very similar to those of today: fundraising, budget and membership.

3 Fundraising, always difficult task, was fairly successful. The primary fundraising effort was the Rotary Auction. Our goal for net profit from the fledgling Rotary Auction was $15,000. We blew right through the goal raising $20,000 net for the first time from the auction!

4 Our budget for the 1994-95 year was revenue of $84000 compared to current year budget of $188,000. We did well accomplishing our goals while limiting our expense needs on what today seems like a fairly low budget.

5 Membership was at 242 Rotarians as we began the year. Although we did not reach our goal of 40 new members, we were able to maintain pretty well our membership numbers. However retention of many of those Rotarians continues to this day. Fifty five Rotarian (22%) of those 242 Rotarians are still members of club 14 today. They can be easily identified: look for those with gray hair or those with less hair!

6 All in all, it was a good year. We had a great time and for the most part, we accomplished our goals.