Another Rotary Moment

I joined Rotary in late 2009 at the suggestion of Bill Waddell, who shoulders the blame for the ensuing carnage. I have greatly enjoyed my participation in serving at the Gathering Place, on Auction committees and currently the Rotary Youth Exchange program. My recommendation for new Rotarians finding their place in the Club: be clear about your personal goals and values, then find where they mesh with Rotary’s needs and goals. For an analogy: in an Air Race, a plane called the Pace Plane declares the start of the race. The Pace Plane then gains altitude above the contestants, allowing the pilot to see all of the contestants. The Pace Plane pilot can identify and communicate with any contestant experiencing difficulty, communicating safety measures and a safe place to land. Allow yourself that altitude as a Rotarian. It will allow you to clearly visualize where you can best help within the organization.