Bylaws Amendments and Adoption of a Club Constitution

President-Elect Melanie Whittamore-Mantzios described the proposed bylaws amendments and explained that we will be adopting the standard Club Constitution as required by Rotary International. You can view the complete documents, marked with the proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws by clicking on the corresponding words. Briefly, the changes to the bylaws are:

1) Clarify that the secretary is a member of the board of directors as required by the RI constitution.
2) Move the election of the board of directors up by one month.
3) Allow for voting by email in cases other than the election of the directors.
4) Redefine the process for electing members to align with current practice and the new application form.
5) Clarify the process/timing for amending the bylaws.
6) Define a quorum.

The vote will take place at our regular meeting on June 3, 2014.