Financial Report Shared at Club Meeting

Treasurer Kris Rutford presented a brief financial report to the club for the current Club year as well as the budget for next year. You can review the report here . Briefly, for the current year, we are projecting we will finish the year at essentially a break-even, contrary to a budgeted deficit. For the coming year, we are again projecting a deficit. However, the good news is that the annual dues will remain the same for the 5th consecutive year. We have recently renewed our contract with the Nebraska Club and although our meal costs to the NE Club will increase an average of about 70 cents, the weekly meal costs you pay will stay the same. The current budget also includes an increase of RI dues of $1 per member and District dues of $5 per member. The Board believes that the budget is again on the conservative side and that we have sufficient cash reserves to absorb these increases.