President Liz Hosts Club Assembly

Last Tuesday, April Fool’s Day, Rotarians gathered in all seriousness for our Club Assembly Meeting. We shared information on a number of initiatives that have evolved out of our history and will propel us into the future in amazing ways! Here’s the agenda we covered and the corresponding PDFs. If you have questions about any of this information please contact me or the corresponding presenter below.

New Member Application & Flow Chart – Liz Koop, with special thanks to the New Member Review Committee: Al Meder – Director, Suzanne Tyrrell and Kim Remington – Co-Chairs.
➢ Update on Strategic Plan progress – Liz Koop
Demographics of Club #14 & Club Survey results – Liz Koop
How and where our fundraising money goes - JoAnne Kissel
By-Laws update – Melanie Whittamore-Mantzios
➢ Website overview ( - Jennifer Brinkman