The Rotarian to Feature a Digital Version

Dear Rotarians:

I’m excited to share with you information about the new digital edition of The Rotarian, which debuts in July.

The Rotarian digital magazine will bring you the same content you’ve enjoyed for years -- in paperless form. Each month, digital subscribers will receive a link to the new issue in an e-mail from, the world’s largest digital newsstand. Subscribers can also read The Rotarian on the go by downloading the Zinio app on their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Samsung Galaxy.

Want to trade your print subscription for digital? Fill out this form at by Monday, 30 May, to begin receiving your digital subscription, starting with the July issue. As a current subscriber to The Rotarian, your method of payment will not change.

Want the digital edition but don’t want to give up your print subscription? Starting in July, you'll be able to add a year's subscription to the digital edition for US$12 through Zinio (watch for details about that option at You will continue to receive your print subscription through Rotary International, and the method of payment for your print subscription will not change.

Take a look at a free preview here available for desktop and laptop computers only). And e-mail us with questions at

Best regards,
John Rezek
Editor in chief, The Rotarian