Signature Project 2020

The Downtown Lincoln Rotary Club #14 was founded in 1910 as the fourteenth Rotary club in the world.The club’s started a foundation in 1997 to make annual grants to qualifying organizations on a yearly basis and to support a major “Signature Project” approximately every ten years.

Rotary #14 celebrated its centennial in 2010 by awarding a $100,000 Signature Project grant to design and build the street side entrance to Elliott School. The grant inspired other giving and helped fulfill the more than $600,000 cost of the overall project. The next Signature Project grant will celebrate the 110th anniversary of the organization with a grant of $200,000. It is envisioned the investment will inspire other major gifts resulting in a larger and more significant project to be announced in June of 2020.

Rotary Club #14 is seeking Letters of Intent (LOI) from nonprofit organizations for a program or project that has community impact, long-term value, visibility, can be leveraged or matched with other funds, is consistent with Rotary mission, and that can possibly be a catalyst for positive change in the community.

The LOI is due October 1, 2019. All LOI’s submitted by eligible organizations will be reviewed by a Club #14 committee and an invitation to submit a full application will be sent to those organizations that the committee wants to consider further. Details for submitting a full application will be provided with the invitation and the full application will be due by January 10, 2020. The LOI should be submitted on the nonprofit organization’s letterhead, include the nonprofit’s federal tax ID number, be no more than 2 pages typewritten using a minimum 11pt font, and briefly summarize the following:

1. Community Impact: how would the project/program offer long-term value in Lincoln; serve as a catalyst for community change/progress/enhancement and address a prominent need?

2. Rotary Parameters: how would the project/program be consistent with the Rotary mission to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace; provide opportunity for Rotary recognition; leverage or provide matched funds; and, be adequately supported without future Rotary funding?

3. Project Visibility: would the project/program be accessible to all; exhibit exemplary concept and design; and, be compatible with other proposed projects in Lincoln?

4. Project Scope: would a significant project/program be generated with the available funding and is there a long-term plan?

The above reflects the scoring criteria that will be used if a full application is submitted. The Community Impact responses are weighted the highest at 40% followed by Rotary Parameters at 30% and the last two at 15% each.

The LOI may be submitted by uploading using the link below or e-mailing to Executive Director of the Rotary Club 14 Foundation at

Click here to upload your LOI