Elliott School Rotary Project Lincoln Nebraska

Elliott School Construction

The playground was dedicated in May 2012 as part of Rotary #14's Centennial Project.

A new look for Elliott School
May 22, 2012

We celebrated an anniversary and a renewal. Lincoln’s Downtown Rotary 14 Club, the Lincoln Public Schools and the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department celebrated the 100th anniversary of Rotary 14, a renewal for Elliott Elementary School’s West entrance and the continuance of the Antelope Valley restoration in central Lincoln.

Elliott School was built in central Lincoln in the 1920’s. At that time, it served as the entrance to Lincoln’s beautiful Antelope Park along the Antelope Creek. Over the years, the creek was encased in concrete and the West entrance to the school became a gravel playground and parking lot. A 100th Anniversary gift from Rotary 14, combined with funds from the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department and a number of individuals and companies have helped return the school’s gravel playground and parking lot into a beautiful and welcoming grassy playground and paved parking lot. We’ve renewed the playground so it is once again a beautiful part of one of our city’s jewels, the Antelope Valley.

Members of Rotary 14, families, students and staff from Elliott School, representatives of Lincoln Public Schools and the City of Lincoln, donors to the project and other folks participated in a dedication to celebrate this anniversary and a renewal for Elliott School’s playground.

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