Everrett School Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 16, 2017 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Description: We are asking our club members to help make the upcoming holiday season a good one for our Everett Elementary families. If you could help collect new or gently used housewares, kitchen items, shampoos, soaps, lotion, we would appreciate it. Maybe you are re-doing your kitchen and looking to upgrade your pots, pans, dishes - we'll take them! Or maybe you would like to donate some fancy soaps and lotions? We are collecting all items in our storage closet and will be taking them to Everett Elementary on Wed Nov 15th.

From now until Nov 15th we will be collecting new and gently used items for our families at Everett to receive as a Thanksgiving treat. We will be collecting items on a weekly basis and storing them in our Rotary closet at US Bank. On the 15th, we will meet at US Bank, load up cars and drive over to Everett to help setup their Thanksgiving "Store". Sign up link is in the weekly announcement

We are hosting our First Annual Thanksgiving meal with our Everett Families. We've put together a menu and need help in making food for this event. Feel free to coordinate drop off of items with either Shanti or Angela or another Rotarian. If we can have all food delivered to Everett by 845 on Thursday Nov 16, that would be great. We will plan on hosting our meal from 9-10:15am and need a few folks for our serving line as well. Thanks to everyone who is making this possible!