The purpose of the Service Project Committee is to search for and match new volunteer projects with small groups of Rotary members. The Service Project Committee creates additional opportunities for Rotary engagement, fellowship and service while meeting the diverse needs of the community. The Service Project Committee can only provide service hours – they cannot provide any material or financial support for projects. If you wish to request financial support from Rotary 14, please see our Program and Grant Evaluation (with hotlink to their page or form) information for guidelines on grant applications.

Preference given to:

  • Organizations with existing relationships with Rotary 14
  • Projects that can involve a group of Rotarians working together
  • Projects that require minimal training and time commitment

Service areas of focus (in order of preference):

  1. Children & Youth
  2. Education & Literacy
  3. Hunger & Shelter
  4. Health, Disease Prevention, & Water Quality
  5. Economics & Community Development
  6. Ethics
  7. Environmental Conservation & Education
  8. Arts & Culture
  9. Senior Services
  10. Human Diversity & Resettlement