Polio Plus Campaign

Rotary Club #14 Polio Plus

Rotary Club #14 has made tremendous progress in our effort to raise over $60,000 as our part of the worldwide Rotary International effort to eradicate polio. We are now over $50,000 in commitments from Rotary Club #14 members and, to those of you who have made a commitment, we appreciate your support very much! We have also had a wonderful response from the presentations made by members about their personal memories of polio in America. Bill Palmer and Todd Hall have provided meaningful background through their perspectives of what happened in the polio epidemic in our country.

Please consider a gift of $600 or more and become a member of the 7500Plus Club. A commitment of $600 will enable us to protect 7500 children around the world from this dreaded disease. Contact any Rotary Club #14 Foundation board member to discuss your desired donation.

The "Bucket Brigade" - we tried a new project to raise money to End Polio Now!