Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Strategic Plan

(adopted May, 2014)

Goal #1
Create and implement an effective educational plan to inform membership of the goals, objectives and culture of Lincoln Rotary Club #14 and its Foundation.


  • Utilize Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) for member training.
  • For Red Badge (new) members, create a system for mandatory participation on the Fundraising Event Planning Committee (fall or spring) AND one of the following committees: Nebraskan of the Year, Salute to Business or In-Club Celebrations.
  • Develop a set of “Fast Track” requirements for former or “transferring in” Rotarians.
  • Invite one Past-President to attend/participate (informally) in each NEOS meeting to assist in sharing the history, vision and culture of Club #14 with new members.
  • Redesign the monthly themes for Club #14 to help communicate the unwritten “lore”, history and importance of that theme to membership.

Goal #2
Maintain a viable membership size of 300 that reflects the leadership of the larger business and professional community from which Club #14 draws its members.


  • Gain an understanding of the current demographics of the business and professional community from which it draws its members as well as Lincoln Rotary Club #14 membership.
  • Inform membership of the current demographics.
  • Educate members with a focus on programming that showcases the many faces of community leadership.
  • Using the demographic information develop a recruitment strategy that empowers Club #14 members to find new members that represent the community leadership.

Goal #3
Increase member satisfaction as reflected by improved retention rates and participation.


  • Review, revise and communicate the details and rules re: attendance, make-up attendance, etc., to increase average meeting participation, including make-ups, .
  • Increase the number and frequency of social activities (whole club AND small group).
  • Discuss and explore a new way to measure member participation, tracking member engagement.

Goal #4
Increase the number of members involved in Lincoln Rotary Club #14’s fundraising efforts.


  • Together, the Foundation Board and Club Board will evaluate the appropriate fundraising goal for each event in which Club #14 engages.
  • Review and evaluate the fundraising (auction) committee process, considering a new infrastructure to provide a more permanent solution to ensure a successful event.
  • Develop a fundraising image and aura that makes it an honor and pleasure to serve on related committees.
  • Improve Club #14 members’ understanding of where individual donations are going and how they are being utilized.
  • Develop a pro forma that meets the annual fundraising goal.
  • Evaluate and consider new ways of fundraising within Club #14 membership.